Roof Cleaning Equipment & Process

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Roof Cleaning Perfection will clean your roof professionally with state of the art equipment and environmentally safe cleaning material.




We use a hydraulic lift and we never walk on your roof.   Beware of those who use ladders since walking on your roof can void shingle warranties and is dangerous due to the foreign substance being removed and the slick material used to remove the substance.


From our lift we spray a generous amount of a specially developed solution on the complete roof being treated.  The solution we use will not harm your shrubs, plants, paint or pets.  Then we completely wash your roof with clear water at a soft wash pressure of under 100 lbs per square inch which conforms with industry standards.   You should be aware some apply a bleach solution which can definitely damage your shrubs and plants and is not good for the environment.


Beware of those who spray on a solution and then wait for the rain to do the job. The dirty residue that washes off your roof is left for you to clean up.  We do the whole job in the same day so you see the results immediately.  We wash the dirty residue off your house where needed.    In addition, if you have gutters we clean them at the same time as part of our complete job.  We take pride in our work!


If your roof needs to be treated to remove mold or algae there is a strong possibility the problem will re-occur in the future since your roof probably is susceptible to moisture.      We offer a yearly maintenance program at a very affordable price that guarantees a clean roof for the life of the program.   Each year we spray a preventative solution which will assure a clean and attractive roof which keeps your property looking great.

Our goal is to satisfy every customer with high quality work.   We are a fully insured company registered with the State of New Hampshire and we will supply references upon request.

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Denny Bayrd, Owner-Operator of Roof Cleaning Perfection

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